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You don't need to save the world, just make sure that your precinct is honest!

​         --Jerry Fennell

About Jerry Fennell and Precinct People

Jerry Fennell has been involved in politics since the 8th grade when he was kicked off the Student Council for objecting to a rigged election.  In high school, Jerry got involved in the Teenage Republicans and three years later was elected State Chairman.  By the age of 25, he had run for the State House twice in Charleston, SC, losing but learning each time.  He served as the first Republican Election Clerk in an inner city precinct since Reconstruction.  This is where his interest in Election Fraud was born.

Moving to Texas, he served as Precinct Chairman, Election Judge, Senate District Convention Chairman and on the Harris County (Houston) Republican Executive Committee.   He also challenged several elections and successfully had them overturned.

Living in Grand Rapids, Michigan, he has served as Precinct Delegate (President) and has attended many County and State Conventions.  He has served on the Kent County Republican Executive Committee and ran for City Council in Wyoming, Michigan, a suburb of Grand Rapids.

He is the author of several books, including, "The Election Manipulator's Manual."  A book about how to spot election fraud and stop it!