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Checking voting patterns to detect voter fraud!

     Compare the voting history of precincts with similar racial makeup.  If Precinct A is 60 percent Green people and 40 percent Orange people and they vote about 50/50 on Election Day, and Precinct B has the same makeup yet, votes 99 percent for one party, then Precinct B is suspect and needs to be watched closely on Election Day.

     You can get the latest U.S. Census figures from your county or city government or sometimes at the local library.  Compare these figures with the data supplied by the Voter Registration Office on the voter population of your precinct(s).  Sometimes you will find that a precinct has more voters than population (men, women and children)!  Target these precincts for Dwelling Inventory Programs.

     I hope you can see the fun you are going to have exposing and stopping those who would manipulate elections!