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Door to Door Tips

        As you walk up to a house, observe the yard.  Are there toys in the yard for young children?  Is there a motorcycle in the driveway or a off road vehicle?  Is there a big dog sleeping in the bushes or on the porch?  Look for clues to what kind of people you are about to speak to!

1.  Have fun!  Be enthusiastic and positive.  Enthusiasm is contagious.  Enthusiasm can generate goodwill.

2.  Be friendly!  People respond to you based on how you act towards them.  Initiate the contact.  When you are at the door and see someone through the window, acknowledge them with a friendly smile and wave.

3.  Show courtesy at all times.  A precinct worker is an ambassador for his or her party or candidate.  The Golden Rule is a good rule for precinct people.

4.  Dress properly for the weather.  Even if you are cold and wet, do not discuss this with the person at the door.  The goal is to appear confident, in control and nonthreatening.

5.  Have enough campaign materials to cover the homes you expect to visit.  Time is too valuable to waste by returning home for additional materials.

6.  Don't try to carry too much materials with you at one time.  Leave some in your car and replenish your supply as necessary.

7.  Don't waste time at houses that look like no one is home.  If time permits, stop back later.  Personal contact is always the best vote getter. 

8.  Don't stuff political materials in a household mail box.  Place the materials in the door or any receptacle.

9.  Cover as many homes in one session as practical.  It's easier to work an extra half-hour than to fine an additional afternoon or evening in your schedule to make those last calls.

10. Be brief!  Decline invitations to come in and chat.  Explain that your assignment must take you to many homes.  Your time is limited and therefore very valuable.  Offer to come back at another time.

11. Be prepared to answer basic questions about your candidate or party, such as age and occupation.  Know answers to, "How can I get registered to vote?" and registration deadlines.

12. Don't lose your temper!  No mater how provoked you may become at someone or something, nothing is gained by anger or rudeness.

13. Don't try to answer questions to which you don't know the answers to or don't feel qualified to discuss.  Instead, offer to have a more knowledgeable campaign worker call the questioning voter.

14. Don't walk on the grass and stay out of the flowerbeds!

15. Don't be a litter bug!  Pick up materials you drop.