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How to organize your precinct.

          Every precinct organization should consist of a President or Chairman, a Vice President or Vice Chairman, a Secretary and Treasurer.  Area Block Captains or Street Captains can be appointed as you grow.  Usually the precinct is legally organized every two years in the off year or early in the election year.

        From the precinct level one goes to the City or County level.  In some states each precinct send a representative or delegate to the County Executive Committee.  In other states, the County Executive Committee is elected at the County Convention.  Precincts send delegates to the County Convention.

        The County Convention sends delegates to the State Convention.

        The purpose of the precinct organization is to represent the party to the voters and the voters of the party to the party. 

Here is how to do it:

1. Identify and locate the members of your party in your precinct by canvassing the precinct.  This can be done door to door or by phone.  If you have enough volunteers, divide the precinct into areas or blocks.  Assign an area to a "Block Captain."  If you don't have enough help, recruit as you go door to door.  (See D2D Tips page)

        Give everyone a clipboard and a short questionnaire on local and national issues or ask who they support for President next time.  This is a great ice breaker!  The key questions are, "Are you Republican, Democrat or an Independent?" and "Are you registered to vote?"  The goal of this canvass is not to register anyone to vote or turn Independents to your party, but to identify registered and unregistered supporters and Independents and to find potential volunteers.  We will get them registered to vote before the election.  

NOTE: Before you begin going door to door, contact the manager or owner of the local pizza restaurant.  Tell him of your plans to go door to door in his business area.  Ask him if he would agree to provide pizza for everyone helping if you pass out coupons or flyers for his business at the same time.  It's a way of putting some fun into the work and handing someone a pizza coupon also breaks the ice for the questionnaire.  See my page on D2D Tips.

2. Ensure that these voters are properly registered to vote in a timely manner before each election.  Now that the first canvas is done, contact the people who said that they wanted to get involved.  Invite them over for coffee to meet Party Officers, elected representatives or candidates.  Divide the precinct into areas or blocks and give the Block Captains the list of unregistered supports that live in their area.  It is now their responsibility to contact them and to see that they are registered to vote before the next election.

        To the question of what to do with unregistered Independents?  Don't encourage anyone to register to vote that you do not know is of our party or will support our candidates at the polls.  Being nice and helping voters of the other party register to vote does not help win elections.  It only plays into their hands.

3.  Inform all party voters of up coming elections , issues and candidates by distributing literature door to door or by email.  Start gathering email address when you are canvassing.

4.  Deliver these party voters to the polls on Election Day by a get out the vote campaign of phone calling.  Offer rides to the polls to identified friendly voters only!

5.  Protect the Ballot Box by proper and legal Ballot Security Programs only.  Volunteer to work as a Clerk inside the polls on election day.  In many areas, election clerks are paid.