So, you want to run for office...

        If you want to run for office, you need to do your homework!  Prepare for your race, sometimes years ahead, depending on the office you wish to seek.  The first step is deciding weather or not to run for office is;

1.  Who has the office now?

2.  Is the office open due to retirement or will you run against an incumbent?

3.  What is that person's record?

4.  Do you support it or oppose it?

5.  Are they a member of your party or of the opposition party?

6.  Will you have competition for your party's nomination?

7.  Will the nomi9nation be awarded by primary or by convention?

8.  Looking at the numbers, is the seat winnable if held by the other party?

9. Looking at the financing, can you raise the money needed to win?

10. What are the key issues in this race?

11. Will your wife and family back you in this race?

12. What's in your closet?

13. What will you do if you win?

14. Why should anyone vote for you?

Kinds of information to gather before starting your race:

1.  Legal requirements of the office, race, finance reporting laws, records and files to keep.

2.  Dates and Deadlines to remember.

3.  Copy of party platform and research papers on issues.

4. Suggested campaign budgets. (low funded, medium funded, Fully funded)

5.  Press Book - Media contacts, phone & fax numbers, email address and deadlines.

6.  Media kits for press.

7.  Pamphlet and bumper sticker layouts.

8.  List of volunteers.

9.  List of potential financial backers.

10. Where to buy campaign materials information.

11. District and precinct maps.

12. Party and Precinct leaders list.

13. Gate schedules for local factories.

14. List of local civic clubs for possible speaking invitations.

15. Suggested job descriptions for campaign staff and volunteers.

16. Suggested job descriptions for wife and family of the candidate.

17. Campaign calendar.

18. Election Day plans.

19. Ballot Security Program.  (Get a copy of The Election Manipulator's Manual.)

20. A good Campaign Manager.

21. Call phone numbers to key personal.

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