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Establishing Vote Quotas:

     You must know what is the normal voting pattern of a precinct before you can tell that something is amiss.  Study the voting patterns, returns, population breakdown and the times the returns are delivered to the court house to detect potential problem precincts.  Here is where you want to put your best trained voter fraud people.

To set your own vote quota.....

First, determine the number of votes necessary to win the race in the entire area in witch it is to be run (state wide, congressional district, city or county race or local district).  This will be based on the usual vote turnout in a similar year for a similar race, whether or not the opposition has been placing particular emphasis on the race, and if there are special factors which might cause a more than usual interest in this race.  Remember - HALF THE VOTE PLUS ONE of the total vote is what is required for victory.

     Second, decide what share of that vote quota your precinct must contribute for over-all victory, taking into consideration relative Republican strength and previous voting history.  You may have a weak area that will not be able to produce as well as some others.  Conversely, if your area is strong in its Republican vote history you may have to deliver more votes than simply dividing the total vote by the number of precincts involved would indicate.

     Third, subtract the number of votes who are already qualified and can be counted on to vote with you, as shown by the previous high Republican vote, from the quota you have set.  The balance will be the registration goal of new Republicans you must add to the lists of qualified voters.

VOTES NEED FOR VICTORY: ________________





     Once your goal is determined, break it down so that all your workers know exactly what is expected of them.  With this kind of political bookkeeping you will know where you stand and what your job is.  At any point in the campaign you will know just how well you and your Precinct People are doing the job.

     The Precinct People's purpose should be to get the old faithful GOP voters as well as the new Republican registrants identified and then get them to the polls.  The sum of the precious Republican high plus the goal for the new GOP registrants equals the vote quota for victory!