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What Is A Precinct?

        Your precinct is your neighbors!  A precinct is the smallest political unit in the American Political System.  A typical precinct is composed of between 500 to 3000 registered voters and identified by a number or name, i.e.: Ward 2 Precinct 38 or Pine Ridge Precinct.   Precinct lines are drawn by a local commission and ratified by the state legislature.  

        A Ward is a grouping of precincts to form a district for electing public officials. 

        Each political party needs to have an organization inside every precinct!  Such an organization would consist of a Precinct Chairman or President, a Vice Chairman, Secretary and or Treasures and Area or Block Captains, if the organization wants. (See party rules.)  The Chairman is usually elected in a party held primary election or at a legally scheduled precinct organizational meeting held every two years.  It is the responsibility of the Chairman to organize the precinct.  The Chairman represents the voters of the precinct to the party, and the party to the voters.